Virtual environments

Regularly create a synthetic full backup  

IT environments are increasingly virtualized for most applications.

Virtualized backup applications have numerous unique features and functions, such as:

● Boot a VM from the backup storage system when the primary VM environment is  

● Perform audits or sure backups to prove to an internal or external audit team that 
   VMs can be booted or restored in the event of a failure.

● Periodically create a synthetic full backup to ensure reliable full backup restores, and

● Start a VM on the backup system to test patches, configurations, and other updates
   before deploying them to the production environment.

ExaGrid's unique approach enables all virtualized backup functions to be performed quickly, as ExaGrid maintains a full copy of the latest full VM backups in their complete, unduplicated form in an integrated landing zone, eliminating the need for time-consuming data rehydration for each request. Restores, restores, VM starts and tape copies are as fast as reading from the hard drive.

With ExaGrid, IT departments can use any combination of industry-leading backup applications, utilities, and database dumps on a single ExaGrid system.

ExaGrid grows with your data. ExaGrid has appliance models in different sizes and can mix and match up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system. A full 2-petabyte backup is supported in a single system. In this way, IT departments can buy what they need as needed, protecting their original decision and investment.

ExaGrid's full appliances in a scale-out storage system approach to backups offer the full capacity of server resources (processor, memory and bandwidth). This approach ensures a tight backup window as the data grows and eliminates expensive forklift upgrades and product obsolescence in the future.

ExaGrid can be scaled to 2PB in a single scale-out system. All on-site and off-site appliances at the disaster recovery site are managed under a single user interface.

ExaGrid can protect up to 16 data centers in a hub-and-spoke topology with cross-site replication.

The flexible scalability in connection with appliance models of different sizes enables small and large IT organizations to buy what they need.