#1 - Data Deduplication versus Compression
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#1 - Data Deduplication versus Compression
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Reduce storage costs from 10:1 to 50:1

Often data compression and data deduplication are interchangeably used however they are very different. 

Compression takes out the white space from files and can reduce storage by anywhere from 1.4X to as much as 2X depending on the data types.

Deduplication is entirely different than compression. Deduplication compares one set of data to another and only saves the unique data at a granular level. Deduplication offers the most value in backup where retention is kept, since the data in backup only changes about 2% from backup to backup. Deduplication can reduce storage costs from 10:1 to as much as 50:1 depending on the amount of retention.
A 100TB backup with 8 weekly, 24 monthly and 5 yearly backups would take about 2.5PB of standard storage, compressed would take about 1.5PB of storage, and deduplicated would take less than 200TB of storage. 

In backup, if you are keeping more than 4 to 6 copies of retention (the total of the number of weekly + monthly + yearly backups) deduplication will use the least amount of storage.

#1 - Data Deduplication versus Compression
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