What’s New in Endpoint Protector
To improve the protection of your data and simplify your work
5 Dezember, 2019 durch
What’s New in Endpoint Protector
AMONTEC GmbH, [email protected]

Dear Customers and Partners,

Along with the winter holidays comes the joy of giving, so we’ve prepared a present for our clients: a brand new, updated version of our Data Loss Prevention solution. Endpoint Protector includes new features and improvements intended to make your experience better.

We’ve rolled out these changes not only to make our solution easier and more enjoyable, but also to increase the security of your data. Here are the main highlights of Endpoint Protector

Outside Hours and Outside Network Policies 

are now available for the Content Aware Protection module.

Effective Rights improvements 

have better visibility and more granularity as well as a complete change of both PDF and XLS layout, etc.

Contextual Detection has been extended

and rules can now be created starting with Dictionaries.

Other important upgrades in Endpoint Protector

The Stop at Threat threshold functionality has been added, reducing redundant content inspection scans and unneeded logs.
The Deep Packet Inspection feature for Macs has been extended and improved.
The Linux Client can be installed also using a repository.
The Mobile Device Management module has been refreshed and some sections have been redesigned.

Find out more about how you can use the new features of Endpoint Protector to improve the protection of your data and simplify your work by:

Checking out the release notes
Reading our blog post
Requesting a demo

What’s New in Endpoint Protector
AMONTEC GmbH, [email protected] 5 Dezember, 2019
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